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Fixodent Complete Neutral

Fixodent Complete Neutral

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Have full confidence and comfort the whole day with Fixodent Orginal Cream Denture Adhesive.  Fixodent Complete denture adhesive helps you forget about your dentures so you can enjoy your life with no limitations. You can now do and eat what you want - Fixodent will make sure that your dentures are comfortably and securely in place, and food particles don’t get beneath your dentures. Thanks to its stronghold and unique cushion between gums and dentures, Fixodent Complete will fill you with confidence and comfort throughout the day.

  • Provides incredibly strong hold and great comfort throughout the day 
  • It keeps dentures securely in place and provides a snug and comfortable fit
  • Its great sealing features helps prevent food particles from getting beneath your dentures
  • Enjoy the mild mint flavor of Fixodent Complete Original

    Directions for use

    • Clean dentures and gums thoroughly
    • Rinse mouth with water before inserting dentures. 
    • Denture adhesive is designed to react with the moisture to form a thin, tight, food seal barrier.
    • Press denture firmly into place and hold briefly.