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Audiclean® Ear Cleansing Wash Safe And Natural - 115ml

Audiclean® Ear Cleansing Wash Safe And Natural - 115ml

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Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash 115ml cleans carefully the ear and prevents the formation of earwax plug while getting a pleasant feeling of freshness. It is different from cotton buds that push earwax towards eardrum : Audiclean clearqs out of the ear the excess of wax and impurities which are trapped : dust, residues of shampoo,…

Natural formula.
Sterile isotonic sea water.
Enriched in bicarbonate that supports the disintegration of earwax.
Suits the whole family (upon 6 months)
Easy and fast use.

When should I use Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash?
- In daily hygiene to evacuate the excess of cerumen and the impurities.
- If you regularly use cottonpad insofar as they push a part of wax inside the ear.
- If you often produce plugs or much earwax.
- To rinse the ear in case of jobs exposed to dust, chemicals or after a chlorinated water bathe (swimming pools).
- When earwax accumulates in the ear after the use of auricles (mobile walkmans or GSM), in case of hair barrier or in case of hearing aid wearing.