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Baby Dove Night Time Lotion Calming Night 400ml

Baby Dove Night Time Lotion Calming Night 400ml

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Baby Dove Calming Nights Lotion 400ml

Baby Dove Calming Nights Skin Lotion is a gently fragranced baby lotion that soothes dry baby skin from the first use.

Did you know that in its first year, a baby's skin is up to 30% thinner than in adults? That is why it is important to choose appropriate baby care products, which will meet the very high standards of baby skin nourishment. With this idea in mind, we have created the new Baby Dove Calming Nights Lotion whose gentle baby care formula will help your little one relax and will provide their gentle skin with the protection that it needs. Not only does our baby lotion help replenish essential skin moisture and nutrients that are lost during a bath, but it also gives out a relaxing milk and chamomile scent that will allow your baby to calm down and relax before bedtime. Not only is our product dermatologically and paediatrically tested, but it also pH-neutral, which is crucial in maintaining the skin's microbiome, that is, the living layer which plays an important role in keeping your baby’s skin healthy and resilient. Use this baby lotion for sensitive skin and dry skin as a helping hand after bath time to soothe your baby’s skin dryness and leave it fresh, healthy and touchably softer.

    • Our lotion for babies features a special formula with 100% skin natural nutrients; a warm milk and chamomile calming scent to help baby relax before bedtime

    • pH-neutral and tear-free baby care product

    • Safe baby lotion that's been dermatologically, ophthalmologically and paediatrically tested

    • Helps to moisturise baby's dry skin overnight

    • PETA certified

  • This product does not contain dairy