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Baby VitD3 Pump 28ml.

Baby VitD3 Pump 28ml.

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Baby VitD3 is recommended for use by all baby's from the ages of 0-12 months. The formula helps support and maintain healthy bone formation.

Maintenance of Healthy Bone & Teeth, Immune System and Muscle Function. It is now recommended that all babies in Ireland aged from 0 to 12 months whether breastfed or formula fed should receive 5ug (200 IU) of Vitamin D daily. This can be achieved with just one press of the BabyVitD3 pump

Benefits & Features 

  • Helps support & maintain healthy bone formation.
  • Preservative & sugar free.
  • Artificial colours & flavouring free.
  • Peanut free.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Can be used for baby’s ages 0-12 months.
  • Easy to use pump.

How To Use 

  • One pump of Baby VitD3 is equal to one daily dose.