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Caldesene Adult 10% Medicated Powder 100g

Caldesene Adult 10% Medicated Powder 100g

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Caldesene Adult Powder protects skin against irritation and body odour caused by common bacteria and fungi especially in delicate skin folds. Caldesene is a medicated powder that can be used for the prevention and treatment of prickly heat and chafing.

Prickly Heat/Heat Rash

  • Prickly heat is a heat rash that can develop when sweat gets trapped in the skin
  • This trapping of sweat can cause inflammation and itching
  • A dusting of Caldesene® Protecting Powder can absorb sweat and help the rash heal faster


  • Chafing can occur as a result of sweat plus friction from clothing or body parts rubbing together
  • Chafing is common in areas such as the inner thigh, groin area or armpits
  • By using Caldesene® Protecting Powder, you can help keep these areas dry and protect against chafing


  • Caldesene® can be used to help rElleve dry, itchy skin
  • The zinc oxide in Caldesene® serves as a barrier between skin and surrounding air or clothing, helping to soothe skin and prevent further irritation

Cuts and Scrapes

  • Caldesene® Protecting Powder can also be used to treat minor cuts and scrapes
  • The zinc oxide in Caldesene® protects minor scrape and cut wounds from infection and helps them heal faster

Sand Removal

  • After a day at the beach, rub Caldesene® Protecting Powder onto skin and hair
  • Caldesene® will quickly absorb the moisture on your skin and the sand will fall away
  • Caldesene® can also be sprinkled on beach towels and clothing for easy sand removal

Adult Diapers

  • Just as Caldesene® treats and prevents diaper rash in infants and children, it can also be used to protect adult skin
  • The ingredients in Caldesene® repel moisture and help keep skin dry and protected
  • Use Caldesene® as often as necessary, with every diaper change