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Deep Freeze Cold Patch - 4 Patches

Deep Freeze Cold Patch - 4 Patches

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Product details

Deep Freeze Cold Patch - 4 Patches

Non-Medicinal, Long Lasting, Fast Cooling

Scientifically Proven Cooling

    • Back
    • Neck & Shoulders
    • Legs & Feet

Scientifically proven cooling relief. Works like ice by cooling the desired area.

Long lasting, convenient, adhesive patches providing targeted, cooling, soothing relief. Suitable for pregnancy.

Soothing Relief
Long Lasting Relief Fast acting patch provides cooling for up to 3 hours at the site of application.
Cold Therapy Cooling therapy can decrease blood flow and may help calm and soothe the area.

For Best Results:
Apply the patch to the desired area as soon as possible. The cooling effect of the patch can be felt quickly and it can continue to provide cooling relief for up to 3 hours. A new patch may be applied as required. Do not use more than 4 patches one after the other on the same area.


How to use

Apply only to clean skin. Open the pouch, remove one cloth patch and peel off the clear plastic film. Apply the sticky side of the patch over the desired area. Do not cut the patch. Re-seal the pouch to prevent remaining patches from drying out. Use all patches within one month of opening the pouch. Each patch can be used only once. Throw away the patch after use.