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Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived Gradual Self Tanner Med-Dark 150ML

Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived Gradual Self Tanner Med-Dark 150ML

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• Gradual self-tanning mousse leaves your body with a bronzed glow

• Up to 48-hour moisturisation for skin that feels silky-soft

• Non-greasy, easy to apply mousse creates a streak-free natural-looking tan

• Lightweight, deeply* moisturising tanning mousse

• A fresh fragrance of sun-ripened fruits

• Gradual tanning body mousse for medium to dark skin tones
Say hello to year-round summer skin with Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Gradual Self-Tan Body Mousse. Leaving you with a bronzed glow, this tanning mousse formulated for medium to dark skin tones is perfect for people who love a lightweight, fast-absorbing formula.

Dreaming about the outdoors and soaking up some summer sun? Our gradual tan mousse has a unique, streak-free formula that absorbs quickly – so you can get on with your day without waiting for it to dry. Formulated with gentle tanners to give a natural tan, it’s specially designed so you can build a medium to dark gradual tan, day-by-day. With up to 48-hour active moisturisation too, this tanning mousse leaves you with skin that’s soft, smooth and beautifully bronzed.

If you’re wondering how to apply gradual tan evenly, this body mousse has a non-greasy, streak-free formula, so you can create an even, natural-looking tan. It doesn’t have a guide colour either, so you can wear whatever you want and feel confident without staining your clothes.