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Dulcolax 5mg 40s

Dulcolax 5mg 40s

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Dulcolax Tablets are used to relieve the symptoms of constipation. Each tablet contains 5 mg of Bisacodyl which helps to gently stimulate the bowel muscles. This creates predictable, overnight relief from constipation to help return the body to its natural rhythm.

Who can use Dulcolax Tablets?

Dulcolax Tablets can be used by adults and children over 10 years.

How to take Dulcolax Tablets?

Adults and children over 10 years old, take one or two tablets (5 or 10 mg) daily before bedtime. If you have not taken Dulcolax tablets before start with one tablet and then increase to two if necessary. When bowel movement has returned to normal, the dose can be stopped.

If you are pregnant or breast-feeding

If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant or breast feeding consult your doctor before purchasing or taking Dulcolax 5 mg tablets.

Driving and using machines

This medication may make you feel dizzy or faint. If affected wait until these feeling pass before driving or using machines.

Common side effects

Some common side effects include nausea, diarrhoea.