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Femfresh Ultimate Care 0% Wash 250ml

Femfresh Ultimate Care 0% Wash 250ml

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  • Our specially designed pH-balanced formula is dermatologically and gynaecologically tested
  • Vegan friendly sensitive Wash is enriched with purifying Lotus flower extract, working in harmony with your intimate skin
  • Femfresh Sensitive is made with gentle fragrance, colour and soap-free ingredients for effective cleansing for sensitive skin, every day
  • Unlike ordinary body washes and shower gels, Femfresh is formulated to sooth and protect against irritation to your intimate skin
  • Made with 94% natural original ingredients

Product details
Wash · pH Balance

Zero Percent Sensitive Intimate Wash, this is sensitive intimate wash is enriched with purifying lotus flower extract to work in harmony with your intimate area for gentle and effective cleansing everyday. Specially developed without soap, fragrance and color to be suitable for those with more sensitive skin. Rinse thoroughly with warm water