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Infinity by Sundrelle Body Tape Easy Peel

Infinity by Sundrelle Body Tape Easy Peel

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To apply 

  1. Wash and dry skin before use. 
  2. Select a shape that follows the line of your garment. 
  3. Trim tape before applying to garment to achieve customised fit.
  4. Peel off one side of the backing and attach to your skin where needed. 
  5. Remove remaining backing and press garment onto the tape. 

To remove 

  1. Carefully peel garment from the tape. 
  2. Slowly peel tape from skin. 
  3. If tape does not peel away from your skin easily, apply baby oil to tape and allow to soak in before peeling off tape. 
  4. Any residue left can be removed using baby oil.