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Lifeline Hangover 6 Capsules

Lifeline Hangover 6 Capsules

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Lifeline Hangover Defence is 100% natural supplement designed to eliminate the effects of a hangover.

Is Ireland’s number 1 selling hangover remedy.

Contains only natural ingredients and comes in a capsule form.

Lifeline Hangover works from the moment your start drinking.

Made in Ireland

Directions for use:

Take two capsules within an hour of your first drink. The natural ingredients will begin to work while you continue to drink without fear of the next morning and hangover sickness.

About Lifeline Hangover:

Lifeline Hangover Defence™ capsules contain a carefully researched blend of activated charcoal, the mineral Aquamin® and Vitamins B and C.

Activated charcoal is used within clinical settings such as hospitals for the removal of toxins.

Lifeline Hangover Defence™ pills contain the highest grade vegetable carbon currently available.

A natural produce that prevents rather than cures a hangover. Lifeline Hangover Defence™ is the natural healthy way to prevent a hangover from starting.

Contains vitamins, minerals and activated charcoal, proven to work and gentle on the stomach. No caffeine, no painkillers, no drugs.

Lifeline™ is not a typical hangover cure, it is a preventative!