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Medicare Sensitive Eye Patch 10pk

Medicare Sensitive Eye Patch 10pk

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Medicare Sensitive Orthoptic Eye Patches are designed for occlusion therapy on common childhood eye conditions such as lazy eyes (Amblyopia) and crossed eyes (Strabismus). They are also suitable for use after surgery or if a person has a sensitive or damaged eye. They are skin friendly due to their hypoallergenic and latex-free adhesive.

• Highly Breathable - Allows air to reach the affected area.
• Sensitive - Non-woven backing for sensitive skin.
• Non-Adherent Pad - Non-stick absorbent pad.
• Hypoallergenic, Flexible, soft & durable.
• Size: 5.8 x 8cm
• Quantity: 10 Patches Per Box

- Wash hands and eyes before use.
- Close your eyes and keep them relaxed – do not close them tightly.
- Place the eye patch in the middle and clear the periphery so that the narrower end of the fixed position is close to the nose.