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Nivea for Men ENERGY Shower Gel 250ml

Nivea for Men ENERGY Shower Gel 250ml

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Let the fresh scent invigorate your senses, while the hydrating shower gel with mint extract cleanse your skin and hair leaving you feeling refreshed and energised. Recharge and invigorate with every shower.

Benefits & Features

  • For body, face & hair
  • Energising + Mint Extract
  • pH skin-balanced
  • Skin tolerance dermatologically approved
  • Leaves skin with long-lasting freshness

How To Use

  • Pour a coin-sized quantity of Nivea Shower Gel onto the loofah and work it into a rich lather
  • Scrub the loofah gently across the body
  • Rinse off with water
  • After bathing, rinse the loofah with water and hang it to dry