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Ovelle Aqueous Cream 100g

Ovelle Aqueous Cream 100g

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Ovelle Aqueous Cream is a traditional skin cream suited to dry skin and eczema.  Can be used as a skin moisturiser or a soap cleanser.Ovelle Aqueous Cream Emollient Moisturiser a traditional skin cream that can be used as both ,a skin moisturiser and soap substitute cleanser for the face and body.Its formulation contains a blend of ingredients to hydrate and soften all skin types, especially dry skin.Formulated without fragrances of colours, Aqueous cream will gently soothe as a moisturiser and cleanse as a soap substitute.

Benefits & Features

  • Suitable for use on dry skin.
  • Parabens free
  • Fragrance free
  • Colour free
  • Not tested on animals

How to use

  • Suitable for use on babies, children and adults.
  • Suitable for use on face and body.
  • As a skin moisturiser : apply to the skin as often as required.
  • As a soap substitute cleanser : apply to the skin, massage gently and rinse with water or a flannel.