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Pepcid AC 10mg Film Coated Tablets 12pk

Pepcid AC 10mg Film Coated Tablets 12pk

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Pepcid AC contain Famotidine treat the short term symptoms of heartburn, indigestion (dyspepsia) and excess acid. If you suffer from these symptoms after having a meal or beverage, Pepcid AC can prevent them from occuring. Pepcid AC an be taken before the evening meal to prevent night time sypmtoms of heartburn and indgestion that may be disturbing sleep.

  • Control symptoms for 9 hours throughout the day or 12 hours at night
  • Suitable for over 16 years old

Adults and children over 16 years old
Daytime Dose: Take one tablet. If symptons are associated with food or drink by taking the tablet 15 miutes before the meal
Nightime Dose: Take one tablet within one hour before an evening meal to prevent night symptoms

Do not take more than two tablets in 24 hours

If symptoms do not improve after 14 days use or if symptoms get worse, you must contact your GP.