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Radox Bath Bombs 100g-Dreamy Watermelon

Radox Bath Bombs 100g-Dreamy Watermelon

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Find it hard to relax? Get this fizzing handmade bath bomb in your life and your sitting room will soon be a lying down room.  Lounge in the tub with our lavender fragrance. Phone off. Now, time to get horizontal.

Hear that? That’s the sound of nothing to do, and nowhere to be. You’ve got a date with our bath bomb and its rose fragrance. If there was an award for best night-in, tonight would certainly be nominated.

Shower? Not tonight. Tonight you’re going to have a lie down and recharge with fruity mango fragrance. If your bath could talk, it would say: I’ve missed you!

Skip the night out. With this fizzing bath bomb, it’s going off in your bathroom. Put your phone on mute. Tonight, it’s just you and our scented watermelon fragrance.


Benefits & Features:

  • Incredibly relaxing when using our fizzing bath bombs
  • Transform your mood when bathing

How to Use:

  • Take the bomb out of the protective foil, next throw it into the bathtub with warm water.
  • Keep in dry and cool place. Avoid contact with eyes. If you do, rinse well with cool, clean water.
  • New Radox Bath Me-Time range