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Real Techniques By Sam And Nic Everyday Essentials Makeup Brushes

Real Techniques By Sam And Nic Everyday Essentials Makeup Brushes

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The Real Techniques Everyday Essentials combines everything you need to achieve flawless and professional-looking makeup looks. Catering for the face, cheeks and eyes, the essential kit will allow you to cover, colour and blend with ease. All brushes use synthetic bristles.

100% cruelty free.

The Set Contains:

400 Blush Brush
A fluffy blusher brush with soft, tapered bristles to effortlessly blend powder blush with even, smooth and natural-looking results.

Miracle Complexion Sponge®
A 3-in-1 makeup blender with three distinct surfaces that enable you to optimise and tailor your makeup application. Made from soft, flexible foam, the rounded sides effortlessly blend large areas of the face with a 'stippling' action, whilst the precision tip perfectly conceals blemishes and targets smaller areas. The flat edge can be used to professionally blend liquid and cream foundations and concealers in the contours around the eyes and nose for a bright, highlighted base. Use dry for full coverage or damp for dewy glow.

300 Deluxe Crease Brush
An eyeshadow brush with short, dense bristles for expert layering and blending of cream and powder eyeshadows. Applies effortlessly into the crease to add depth and drama to the eyes.

402 Setting Brush
A soft and fluffy makeup brush designed to dust on highlighter or setting powders for a natural-looking glow.

200 Expert Face Brush
An essential makeup brush with firm bristles for buffing liquid and cream foundations into skin. Buffs and blends with ease to leave skin looking flawless and radiant.