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Regaine For Men Extra Strength 5% W/W Cutaneous Foam 3 Months Supply

Regaine For Men Extra Strength 5% W/W Cutaneous Foam 3 Months Supply

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What is Regaine (Minoxidil)?

An effective hair-loss treatment, Regaine has proven to encourage new hair growth with proven results to reduce hair loss. Regaine is the original and only topical treatment licensed for hair loss treatment in the Republic of Ireland. Regaine has been proven to be effective for 60% of men. 

How hair loss treatment works - Regaine 

Regaine (minoxidil) is a topical foam, intended for application twice daily. Available from PharmaDirect.ie Regaine is the only over the counter medical product which is proven to help stop and reverse hereditary hair loss. Applied to the scalp stimulates hair follicles to move hair from resting phase to growth phase, it also increases the length of hair in the growth phase. Regaine has proven to prevent hair loss in four out of five men and re-grows hair in nine out of ten men. 

Regaine dilates the blood vessels in the scalp which allows more oxygen, blood and nutrients to reach hair follicles. This promotes hair growth. Regaine also increases the diameter of the hair shafts, this encourages the thickness of the follicles so that hair growth is fuller and thicker. 

Directions for use 

Regaine foam should be used twice daily, the foam solution can be used each morning and evening as part of your grooming routine. The unscented discrete solution can easily be incorporated into your routine as the foam quickly melts into hair.

For successful results it is important to use Regaine regularly to see best results. Each person will have varying results. It is advised to use Regaine for a minimum of 8 weeks as results may be seen within 8-12 weeks but may take up to 16 weeks to show. 

What is Male Pattern Baldness? 

Male baldness occurs predominantly from hereditary conditions with 95% of cases experiencing male pattern baldness. Androgenetic alopecia also known as male pattern baldness occurs when hormones and genes in the body shrink hair follicles causing them to stop growing new hairs. 

The progressive shrinking of certain scalp follicles leads to the shortening of the hair's growing cycle. Over time hair may  become thinner and shorter until there is no further growth. Hereditary hair loss can be effectively treated using Regaine Foam from Pharmadirect.ie - The online pharmacy that never closes. 

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