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Revuele SOS Salicylic Acid Gel Spot Treatment 25ml

Revuele SOS Salicylic Acid Gel Spot Treatment 25ml

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Revuele SOS Anti-Inflammation Spot Treatment Salicylic Acid Gel Anti Acne Pimple

Reduces Inflammation
Hides Acne and Pimples Marks
Helps to Heal
Alcohol Free

Bio-active complex is specially designed system of the components, which effectively fights against skin problems : black spots, pimples and inflammation.
The complex based on active antibacterial and herbal supplements, which clean the skin, eliminate defects and prevent their reappearance.
And there are no problems!

Provides active antiseptic and healing effect directly on the inflamed area.
Absorbs subcutaneous inflammation, reduces irritation, dries pimples and blackheads, prevents their reappearance.
Eliminates visible signs of skin inflammation.