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SOSU X Laura Anderson Goal Digger Faux Nails

SOSU X Laura Anderson Goal Digger Faux Nails

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How to use:
Step 1-File and buff nails lightly, then clean and dry thoroughly.
Step 2-Select SOSUbySJ False Nail that closely matches your natural nail shape and size. If needed, file sides for best fit.
Step 3-Apply glue to the back of the SOSUbySJ False Nail, and a thin layer to your natural nail.
Step 4-Press SOSUbySJ False Nail onto your natural nail, holding in place for 5-10 seconds until dry.
Step 5-File and shape your new nails to desired length.

Step 1-Clip off SOSUbySJ False Nail where it is longer than your natural nail.
Step 2-Soak nails in Acetone Faux Nail Remover until the false nails start to dissolve.
Step 3- Buff away any residue. Do not force or pull nails off as this will damage your natural nail.

What's included:
24 nails in 10 sizes
Nail Glue
Mini Nail File
Manicure Stick