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Steradent Active Plus 30

Steradent Active Plus 30

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Provides a powerful in depth clean removing 50% more plaque than brushing alone. Use twice daily, Steradent Active Plus will leave your dentures feeling perfectly clean. Suitable for full and partial dentures. The formula is safe to use with your dentures and will not cause damage to metal parts.

Benefits & features:

  • No. 1 brand recommended by dentists
  • Removes 50% more plaque than brushing alone
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Mint fresh

Preparation and Usage:

Instructions for use:

For optimum cleaning results, we recommend using Steradent Active Plus twice a day.

  1. Rinse denture. Place one Steradent Active Plus tablet together with your denture in a glass.
  2. Fill with warm water to cover dentures and soak for 3 minutes. Do Not Use Boiling Water Straight from the Kettle as this will Damage Dentures.
  3. Brush and rinse denture in water thoroughly before wearing.
  4. Dispose of the solution after use and rinse the glass.