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Sure Men Quantum Dry 48HR Anti-Perspirant 150ml

Sure Men Quantum Dry 48HR Anti-Perspirant 150ml

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Feel fresh. Feel energized. Feel ready for anything. Sure. It won’t let you down. How to use: Firstly, shake the Sure Men Quantum Dry antiperspirant deodorant can well. Then hold it 15 centimeters away from your underarm and spray evenly in a well-ventilated area in short bursts. Avoid contact with eyes and broken skin.

Benefits & Features:

  • Unique Motionsense technology – the more you move the more it protects
  • An energizing scent with fresh citrus, spices and wood tones
  • 48h protection against wetness and odour
  • Dermatologically tested & alcohol-free (ethyl alcohol)

How to use:

  • Shake well. Press down firmly on first use. Hold can 15cm from underarm and spray.